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The Inman family is committed to customer service. We have been conducting business in the Phoenix area for over 65 years. We have some 3rd and 4th generation customers in the local area. And we pride ourselves in employing ASE certified technicians that use the latest of diagnostic and repair equipment.

Dear Mr. Jeff Inman,

I have been meaning to sit down and write this letter for some time. I wanted to talk to you for the excellent and fine service that you and your team at Inman & Sons has provided to me.

I began bringing my car to your business while I was working at All Saints’ Episcopal Church and Day School. I asked the staff who they recommend and I take my car to. The staff said “Inman & Sons is the best.” I began bringing my car in about four years ago and have never regretted that decision. Your staff, in particular, Jay, has been courteous and friendly every time I call or bring my car in for servicing. He greets me with a great big smile and is always happy to serve.

I come from a family that believes in loyalty, and my father would only do business with one mechanic the whole time we had our cars serviced in California (over twenty years before moving). This relationship was built on trust. My father is “old school”, just like his father, and believed once you had built a good professional relationship, you could do business with no one else, even if it cost him more money because he trusted and his new cars were being taken care of.

I say this, because I too feel the same way about Inman & Sons. I will give you an example. I had my car into be serviced several years ago at a large “chain” business that does oil, brakes, and general servicing. I went in for an oil change because it was convenient (all my major work I had already been having it done at your shop). While there, they came out and said all four brakes needed replacing and it would be over $400, closer to $500. I had not really noticed any problems with my brakes, so I called your shop and talked to Jay. Jay immediately said, “Bring it on in, we’ll be happy to look at it.” I brought it in and guess what, only two of my brakes needed replacing, and of course I saved money. This is just one example of the honest and excellent service I have received. I could share about my air conditioning going out in the middle of summer and Jeff taking care and making sure I had cool air back ASAP.

Now, I not only bring my car in for what I think to be major things, but even small things, like my oil changes. I have a recall issue with my car and check engine light on. I will take it to the dealer tomorrow, but if anything does not sound right, guess where I’ll be headed, right back to where I was first referred to, Inman & Sons.

I had the pleasure of meeting your father, and toil him how much I appreciated your customer service and ethical way of doing business. Your father is a man of honor and I know from talking to him, is meticulous in how he wants his business to run, and that is for a reason, it works! It is reflected in everything you do, from the moment the customer calls to the time he or she arrives at your business. You take care of your customers with a professional staff; providing the best product and service; and with honesty at the core of your business.

I recommend Inman & Sons to anyone looking for a place to not only get their car worked on and serviced, but I tell them of the trust I have and the excellent customer service.

You should be very proud of what your father and you have built as a business. I know a lot of these values of doing business have been lost in an age of cut backs and large corporate shops opening, but as for me and my family, Inman & Sons is where I’ll doing business for a long time to come.

Thank You!
Gil C.

P.S. Please, feel free to share my comments.

Good Morning Jeff,

I just wanted to take the time and thank you for the great service that I received from Robert this morning. Hannah Heard is the one that referred me over to you guys, and I am truly amazed with the great service that I received today. I will be back in a few weeks for an Oil Change on my car. The problem was fixed and truly happy.

Thank you again.
Jeff H.


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